Tuesday, May 8, 2012

God doesn't exist: Indonesian atheist faces 11 yrs in jail

Saw this today:

If you didn't hear about it before, this guy said god didn't exist on his Facebook page and now he could spend over a decade in jail for it.

Not really much one can say about this, its pretty ridiculous that there are still countries in the world who think it's totally cool to put someone in jail for having an unpopular opinion on anything.  The fact that this person is an atheist just shows the kind of discrimination we have to face.

I often hear from people trying to explain away the more extreme behaviors of certain Muslim groups by saying it's not Islam, it's the middle eastern culture that is so despotic, anti-women, and xenophobic.  I've never understood exactly what this explanation was supposed to accomplish, but it is little better in Indonesia from what I can tell.  The government there still gives absolutely zero shits about the civil rights of it's citizens.

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