Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Heartland Institute loosing funding.

This billboard in case you forgot.
I wrote a while back about Heartland Institute's atrocious billboard.  Apparently people quite a few people were angry about the billboard, even groups that have been funding them up to now.

According to this press release heartland did pull the ads, but Heartland they seem to have lost over 800,000 dollars in support according to several articles I have read including this one.

The loss of money has cause them to accept money from a lobby of coal companies which adds further questions about the credibility of their claims.

They had already lost some funding after Peter Gleick got his hands on some of Heartlands documents last year.  Heartland has claimed that some of the documents were forged but evidence suggests otherwise, this billboard, however, made the organization look completely unhinged and so many companies have pulled resources, and some people have even left the organization.

Several of the people who left have spoke on the issue.

Ross McKitrick a Canadian Economist said: 
"You can not simultaneously say that you want to promote a debate while equating the other side to terrorists and mass murderers."
Eli Lehrer, former head of their washington branch had this to say:
"As somebody who deals mostly with insurance I believe all risk have to be taken seriously and there certainly are some important climate and global warming related risks that must be taken account of in the insurance market. Trivialising them is not consistent with free-market thought. Suggesting they are only thought about by people who are crazy is not good for the free market."
Hopefully this billboard will continue to cost them, here is to hoping that heartlands credibility is permanently shot.

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