Thursday, February 24, 2011

UFO meeting in the phoenix area

I did not know this until I saw a local news report on TV, but apparently Arizona is hosting one of the largest UFO conferences in the United States this year.  They will be in town till this Sunday.

I had a good laugh at the news report.  One minute you had a guy trying to convince everyone that this wasn't a group of people who belonged in a loony bin, and the next minute a person was telling the interviewer that they were only 23% human and the rest of them was made up of various other alien species.  They never said which parts were which.  How many people wanna bet that if we took a sample of their DNA it would look 100% human?

On the other hand the largest UFO conference is only slated to have about 1,000 attendees, so maybe people aren't quite as gullible as I sometimes think they are.


  1. Oh, man, I would have flipped my shit over this stuff if it had been there (and I had known it was going on) when I lived in Gilbert as a kid.

    Of course, I probably would have shortly concluded that everyone was nuts, had I gone, but still...

  2. Haha, well I like living in Arizona, but while it is certainly less religious than my old home state of Arkansas there is quite a bit of new age/UFO stuff out here if you know where to look. (Sedona)

    Of course they are less obnoxious than fundamentalist Christians, but it would be nice if people tried to have evidence for their beliefs.

  3. Having grown up there, I'd have to say that overall, I felt more pressure to adhere to religion in Arizona than I ever have in Virginia. Probably it's because my family's Catholic; lots more of that in the Southwest than the South. I do miss living out there, though.

    And yes, I totally agree: evidence before belief.