Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Athiests are all doomed....apperently....I guess.

The ruination of atheists everywhere or a confused 
man with bad grooming be the judge.
Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams of the Church of England is working to fight against all of our evil atheist persecution. You know all those evil things we do, like fighting for equal treatment under the law, demanding that Christians stop using force of law and government funded organizations to foist their beliefs on others.  

Clearly we are evil destroyers of all that is good in modern society, and though we thought we were fooling everyone.  However, this genius without a comb saw through our ruse.  He knows our secret plans, and the horrible things we want to do.  

For instance:
the Church could lose its place at the centre of public life unless it challenges attempts to marginalise religious belief.
This is just the sort of horrible thing that we athei.....wait....what? I'm not actually seeing the problem with this.

Lets try this again:
However, the document says that this intolerance is becoming more widespread and can be seen in public bodies, which it says must be challenged over attitudes of "suspicion or hostility towards churches and other faith groups". 
Exactly, this is nonsense, it is not as if religious groups have done anything to deserve suspicion....oh wait, I forgot about all the stuff they do that makes them deserving of suspicion.

OK, lets try this one more time:
the Church of England can appear too vague on where it stands on issues and risks further divisions over the introduction of women bishops and future debates about sexuality.
Seriously, what reason could the Church of England possibly have to open a debate about equal rights for women and other minorities?...oh right...the reason is all that stuff I just said.

On second thought, never-mind, i take it back. Rowan Williams is not a danger to atheism, secularism, or skepticism, he is a desperate leader in an organization that is becoming increasingly irrelevant, and shrinking by the day, and is angry that they no longer lead the way in ethical thought, or anything else for that matter.

Neither he nor the report he endorsed offer any real intellectual challenge to the "new atheists," all they offer is a tired old diatribe while pining for years gone by when they had all of the power instead of most of it.

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