Saturday, August 11, 2012

Meat does not work that way.

I was on Google+ earlier today and this photo was posted under the Did you Know page:

With it was the following statement:
The watermelon is easily digestible, and will be excavated much faster than the burger and fries below. If the burger and fries remain in tact for 180 days, imagine how it must look inside your intestines! That stuff clogs you up, prevents the villi in the intestine from functioning properly, and results in malabsorption issues and GI tract problems. Not to mention a variety of other bodily effects that I could list for days on end.
The suggestion seems to be that because the burger did not decay in the same way it is unsafe to eat, they also seem to suggest that the burger will still remain in a persons intestines for 180 days.   Neither claim is accurate.  Now, I'm not suggesting that everyone should eat a huge pile of fast food burgers.  The stuff tends to be too salty and high in fat so there are health problems that can result from eating too much, I'm not debating that point.  However fruit and meat both decay very differently.  Bacteria need water to grow in, a watermelon, just as the name suggests, is mostly water, giving it a perfect place to grow a bacteria culture.  Any cooked meat, even not bought at a fast food restaurant, will not decay or mold if stored in a dry area, bread also drys quickly and fries would have most of the water cooked out of it.

Believe it or not this has been tested already.  Why Those Burgers Don't Rot, Decompose, or Molder Away.

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