Tuesday, June 26, 2012

David Silverman toughing it out on Fox News again.

What follows is a discussion about findings that 54% of Americans would vote for an atheist president.

You can view the video here:

Now, one of my biggest problems with fox news has to be the unprofessional behavior of the "journalists" on the station.  Laura Ingraham repeatedly shouts Silverman down, and at one point says "God bless you" to him in an obviously condescending manner.   She never once shouts down the other guest Pastor Robert Jeffress.  Apparently Ingraham subscribes to the theory that somehow being a loud jackass makes your argument more correct.

There was much else that was absurd, like claims by both Ingraham and Jeffress that things like T.V. shows like Modern Family which portray gay people as normal is evidence of an attack on Christianity, and that the contraception mandate is an attack as well, you can read my thoughts on the contraception mandate here.

Jeffress goes on to explain that he has no problem with voting for an atheist president but only if they were pro life, against gay marriage and pro religious freedom.  Given the opinions both Ingraham and Jeffress are pushing though it seems clear to me that their version of religious freedom is to let Christians do whatever they want and screw anyone with other beliefs, so Jeffress standards are such that he is unlikely to ever find such an atheist.

To me this is an example of the privileged mentality of many Christians.  How deluded does one have to be to believe that the media not portraying homosexuals as immoral monsters amounts to an attack on your religious beliefs?

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