Monday, June 25, 2012

Christians not allowed special privileges choose to take ball and go home.

So this has been going on:

To give a bit of background for many years Santa Monica has allowed Nativity scenes to be erected on public park space for a number of years.  To avoid possible church state separation issues they setup a lottery which any organization could put in for.

Last Christmas a lot of atheist groups won the lottery which didn't go over well with a lot of Christian groups.  Christians apparently defaced many of them.

In the end the city consul decided to simply get rid of the entire thing, apparently when they realized they had to allow people to use the system to publish views they did not agree with they simply decided to shut the whole thing down.

Personally I think that was the, whatever the reasons for decision, it was the right choice.  It is much easier for the government to maintain it's neutrality by simply not getting involved at all.

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