Tuesday, February 21, 2012

James Dobson and Daniel Lapin get together and say crazy things.

Rabbi Lapin
I ran across this article on RightWingWatch.org earlier and saw something worth noting.  You can listen to Dobson's full program here if you can manage to make it through the whole thing.  Anyway I noted this particular quote from Rabbi Lapin with my own comments interspersed.
Once you remove the religious restraints to rampant sexuality, and all you got to do is relax those religious restraints and male nature will take care of the rest and bring about the decline of a civilization,
Fundamentalists no matter the religion have a big drive to control people's sexuality with fear tactics like this.  Of course he also makes a jab at men, who apparently are just beasts who can't keep in in their pants without the fear of god in them.
one of the mechanisms is of course as we’ve discussed economic because in a sense it requires the same kind of control and self-discipline to get up every single morning and go to work whether you like it or not as it takes to restrain various appetites.
Amazingly many cultures and people who have not restrained themselves sexually in the way Dobson or Lapin's religion requires have still been able to manage to go to work.  I wonder if Lapin has ever read a history book, no civilization in the history of the world, including Victorian era England has ever been as puritanical as Christianity or Judaism requires. 
So when you weaken one muscle you weaken everything else as well and not only do we have a tendency on the part of a society that has relaxed all form of sexual restraint to also go into free fall economically but what also happens is such a society tends towards becoming a more feminine society in a sense.
More feminine? I'm not exactly sure what he means here but no matter how you interpret this it sounds sexist.  It also seems to contradict what he said earlier about "male nature."
Islam, fundamentalist Islam, which is essentially a brutal and violent culture is seducing a somewhat effeminized American culture because there is no other way to explain the love affair that America’s leftwing and secularized elites have with Islam.
Yes because us liberals just LOVE us some fundamentalist religion, nothing we like better than to have our liberty taken away by some crazy religious zealot.  That was sarcasm in case you were wondering.

I really am not even sure where he is getting this from, he seems to believe that we, "secularists," who have fought tooth and nail to wrest our civil liberties from the hands of fundamentalist Christians in this country would just hand it over to another group who is even more extreme than they are.

Islam has at least as bad if not a worse track record on women's rights, sexuality, free speech, and many other issues.  Why would he think that secularists would just turn over our rights to them?  If there is anyone who would it is most certainly not me or any of the members of skeptical/atheist movement.  The idea that any of the feminists in our movement, the likes of Greta Christinea or Jen McCreight have some love affair with fundamentalist Islam is ridiculous.

It also strikes me a rather funny that he talks about Islam as being a "brutal and violent culture" when historically Judaism and Christianity have been very bad too.  Indeed the world Dobson and Lapin want to create in America doesn't look any better than the ones fundamentalist Muslims want to create.

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