Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Apparently violence is the "normal" response to an undesired sexual proposition.

Wooden & LaBarbera: Anti-LGBT Violence is "Normal" 
Peter LaBarbera


Patrick Wooden

For those of you who don't want to listen here is a transcript of the exchange with my own comments interspersed.

Wooden: My heart breaks and I literally mourn over what has happened to the NAACP. Ben Jealous says he has a brother who is transgendered in his family, the little boy grew up dressing like Diana Ross or somebody when he was a child, well I say his parents should’ve took the child and whooped the child’s behind and taught the child how to dress.
So being transgendered can be cured with a spanking?

Wooden: If you want to get knocked out just go into a male bathroom in the African American community or any community I would think and you’re standing there in a dress and many times the people are trying to hit on people, trying to make sexual responses, one man there, you know, you don’t want to be in there feeling like another man is trying to look at your penis. We’ve always had a hostile response, or a disrespect if you will, for that kind of behavior.
It is rather insulting to suggest that gay men think about sex any more often that straight men, why would they be looking at your penis just because they happen to be in the bathroom with you? 
LaBarbera: It used to be common of course, I’ve heard many stories. I remember a story from a military guy, saying a guy came and he was a sailor and they had some temporary little day off at port and some guy hit on him and he decked him.
Wooden: That’s normal.
That's normal? Its normal to hit someone because they propositioned you for sex?  Last time I checked just saying no thanks is usually sufficient.  Someone needs to teach you how modern society works, physical assault is not a normal reaction to anything.
LaBarbera: When you make a sexual advance against a man on man, that is a normal response, and yet I fear in the rise of political correctness what’s going to happen is, somebody is going to find out that there was a man in his wife’s—his wife was in the restroom when a transgendered man, a biological male, was in the female restroom and he’s gonna punch him, but then the man who punches him is gonna be charged with a hate crime, that’s what I’m afraid of.
Yes he would be charged with a crime, and for good reason.  Asking someone for sex is not a crime, going to the bathroom is not a crime, punching someone is a crime. 
Wooden: We’re not promoting, advocating violence here.
LaBarbera: Of course not!
Not promoting violence?  Give me a break.  Next he will tell us that some of his best friends are transgendered.

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