Monday, July 1, 2013

Switched to Disqus for comments

I’ve been working on a few technical changes on my blog recently to make things more accessible and user friendly.  One thing in particular that has always bugged me is the comments system on blogger. It’s functional but pretty light on features.

Blogger introduced a way to switch comments over to a G+ system a while back and it was a bit slicker but still lacked a lot of features, it also had the annoying habit of destroying comments if I had to revert a post to draft for some reason. So I’ve been wanting to replace it for a while, I noticed a lot of people using Disqus so I finally logged into my account there to see how easy it would be to integrate my blog with it. Turns out it was super easy and took like 10 minutes, makes me feel silly for not doing it earlier.

Anyway, for anyone unfamiliar with Disqus you have to sign up for an account to post since I don’t have anonymous posting turned on. You can sign up here,

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