Saturday, June 8, 2013

Have you seen this car

So on my fiancĂ© Megan and I took a trip out to Oakland last week to look for an apartment. We found one sot that was good. However I left my car parked on a street behind my fiancĂ©’s apartment because the complex was repaving their lot.

We got back on Wednesday and my car was gone. Not a trace of it. As you can see it’s a classic. A four door 1971 Dodge Dart that I have been working on restoring, not a lot of these around. I really loved this car. I’ve filed a report with the police but I leave in a few days. If anyone who reads my blog lives in the Phoenix area and sees this car let the police know. (long shot I know) By the end of next week I’ll be in Oakland and even if they find it I’ll have a lot of trouble getting it out there.


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