Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Stupid people on Twitter.

So I've been posting on twitter more often lately since it allows me to network and it has netted me more followers. (Thanks for following me) In general I've had some good conversations, even the religious people I've debated have mostly been cordial and reasonable.  Though debate may be a strong word with a 140 character limit.  That changed this evening when I ran into the two douchyist douches who ever douched.

Thought I'd post some snippets of the conversation.  I posted the names of the jackasses so readers will know to avoid these horrible excuses for human beings. You can see the whole debacle on twitter.  I couldn't get the embed feature to work so I just copied pasted. It started when I noticed this post.
any speech that attacks Christians is hate speech stop it 
 I posted back what I thought was a reasonable question.
If we criticize beliefs we think are wrong we are bigots? 
From here I ended up in two different conversations.  I first got a message from a different user that quickly devolved to this.

I'll have more respect for you evangleatheists when u start pounding the religion that still exists in the dark ages.Islam
So I responded.
If you think we never criticize Islam you are just willfully ignorant. I also don't care if you respect me. 
He turned to insults almost immediately with this.
I mean seriously, how candy assed do you have to be if Christians scare you?
So,  wrote a few tweets as a response. 
OK first off, I have spoke to you quite cordially and you have returned to me with insults.
Secondly I am not scared of Christians, some of them want to subvert the legal system and I stand up against that 
All of them have beliefs which they cannot support with evidence and I criticize that. 
I also criticize psychics and homeopaths and 9/11 truthers and a host of other people with crazy beliefs too. 
Quite frankly for someone to claim I am a bigot and then engage in can kiss my "candy" ass. 
The last one was the only one he bothered to reply too, in which he said.
I didn't call u one, Must have been the voices in ur head. But I agree with them. U are a bigot 
So apparently I'm a bigot because I don't agree with this guy, and he unleashes a litany of insults.  This is the first time I've spoken to him so he can't possibly know all the things he thinks he knows. At that point I realized that this guy was so far off his rocker there was no point in continuing so he got this one final tweet.
You started the name calling you fucking twit...oh looky here, there is a ban hammer right here. 
The other conversation was even more strange.  The original person I wrote to who said that it is automatically hate speech to criticize Christians replied by telling me that it was the sort of thing that civil rights people do.  I found that an odd thing to say so I responded.
I don't know any civil rights people who would say that.
She popped back
they are right now. Go look at Dana Loeschs tl 
I pointed out something I thought was fairly obvious.
Civil rights people say we can't criticize others beliefs? 
Since that is exactly what civil rights people are doing. 
I think you may be wrong
I thought it was a fairly easy to understand point, the civil rights movement is all about criticizing the beliefs of people they see as wrong, if you think that civil rights leaders are claiming you can never criticize beliefs you clearly do not understand the civil rights movement.   I hoped this conversation would go better than the other, but I was clearly wrong because I got this.
uh no im not u ignorant ass. Do a google search ur a vile bigot and as bad as an anti semite hating on jews for blood libel
So at this point I could smell crazy on this person, and was pretty much had my fill of speaking with nut job conspiracy theorists for the night, and anyone who goes to calling someone a bigot after speaking to them online for two minutes isn't worth the DNA that spawned them, so they got the ban hammer too.
Wow, name calling? Not my fault you are an idiot with poor logic skills. Ban Hammer for you.
Apparently they reported me for spam or something and got me banned from twitter for a few minutes and I had to unlock my account and promise not to spam anymore, which I didn't do in the first place, so go ahead and let them know how insane they are if you like, personally I recommend you stay away, they aren't worth the trouble.

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