Thursday, April 12, 2012

The post in which I am a huge nerd.

So my weekly hikes with the local atheist group have been making me feel a bit out of shape and I thought I should maybe exercise a bit more.  This left me a bit of a conundrum though.  See I am a huge nerd and so as a rule I am at least 2.38 times more likely to do something if it involves a high score.  (I did the math) 

The resolution I came up with was to start playing Dance Dance Revolution again.  The problem with that is that the dance pads you need for it are not only hard to come in electronics stores these days, but the cheep 20 to 30 dollar pads wear out in about in a few weeks of hard use, and usually slip around so much that neck breakage is a serious risk, and I really like my neck unbroken.

Enter this monstrosity I order over the internet:

Its solid metal, about 3 inches thick, and has a bar to hold onto to protect my precious neck.

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