Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Let's convert Muslims at the point of the sword...hey it worked for them right?

                Ok, anyone who has been around the interwebs for a while knows that World Net Daily isn’t so much a news organization as a large mill for pseudo-science, conspiracy theories, and blatant bigotry against anyone who thinks differently than them, I.E. not members of  the extremely religious right.
                I have typically stayed away from such “news organizations,” but thanks to my blog I have had to change my reading habits so that I can have things to write about.  Having said this, you should all thank me for being willing to wade through this "wretched hive of scum and villainy."  

                In any case, while perusing the site today I ran across an article published on January, 22 in which the author, Ellis Washington, is arguing that the United States should quite literally begin another crusade against Muslim nations.  Ellis, from what I gather, seems to be a dominionist.  Politically these Christians believe that the United States is a Christian country and that we should implement Old Testament laws into our legal system.

                His article starts off by making the following assertion:
          "America must use its military to go to every Muslim nation in the world and convert them to Christianity; it is the only way to end the Muslim jihad against the West, against Christianity and against civilization.”
Apparently he is too ignorant of history to know that this has been tried before, and it failed quite miserably.  Furthermore, this entire line of thinking is hypocritical, while I would actually agree with his assessment of radical Islam, what makes them so dangerous is their belief that they must convert or kill all every other human on the planet.  

His advice for combating them is essentially to engage in the same behavior that makes radical Islam such an immoral set of teachings.  He then asks the question of what the world would look like under Shariah law.   I can assure you it wouldn’t be pretty, but a world under Old Testament law would not look any better.  If anyone doubts this simply look at countries like Uganda which are fairly close to this reality, witch burnings are common and they are trying to make a law making Homosexuality punishable with life imprisonment.

He then makes the absurdly false claim that when people are allowed to freely choose their religion most people choose Christianity before descending into a conspiratorial rant. He continues:
“It is that sublime, voluntary choice of people choosing Christianity that makes the Democratic Party and the legions of progressives, socialists and humanist academics that populate the federal government literally apoplectic. This explains the radical policies directed toward undermining the military:”
            These statements are rather laughable considering that most Democrats are actually Christians, and unlike me would encourage people to believe in said religion, and even they were hardened atheists I very much doubt they would be “literally” apoplectic.  Ellis goes on to give three examples of things the Democrats are doing to destroy the military.
“Repeal of the "don't ask, don't tell" policy”
Is anyone surprised by this one?  There is no reason, beyond bigotry against homosexuals, to think that gay people are any less capable of fighting wars that straight people.
"Military chaplains can no longer mention the name "Jesus" or "Christ" in a prayer, causing Christian chaplains to resign while the numbers of Muslim chaplains have increased in record numbers;"
This, while not an obvious lie, is misleading.  It seems to suggest that chaplains cannot mention Christianity but can speak about Islam.  This is false; the military is asking chaplains to refrain from ANY sectarian religious statements in an effort to avoid a violation of the church state separation clause.  Though, personally, I think the position of military chaplain is a violation of church state separation, in itself, and should be eliminated entirely. 
"The Obama administration plans to allow women to fight on the front lines. This concession to the feminist movement will only further erode military readiness, cohesion and morale."
It is not enough to say homosexuals can’t wage war, now women can’t either.  The ignorance of this man is staggering.  Can he provide one bit of evidence for this bald assertion?  People made the same claims when women were allowed to serve in other capacities in the military and yet women have served in these other areas without issue.  Why should this be any different? 

If male soldiers are seriously going to have a drop in morale because the soldiers next to them don't have a penis I respectfully suggest that the problem is with them, not the women they are serving with.

He goes on to quote a YouTube video where it is submitted that six million Muslims convert to Christianity every year, he says this as if it is certainly true, though the quote is not backed up by any real data, so I very much doubt the figures are exact, and they may well be made up entirely. 

He ends by saying:
"We must invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity. PC (perversity correctness) means keeping Christianity, America and the West on the road to dhimmitude."
Ellis' beliefs are scary to me, and they should be scary to anyone.  In Ellis Washington’s America I would one of the first against the wall for my blasphemous beliefs right along with, Muslims, homosexuals, and those women who have the gall to demand equality.  While I disagree with much of the Islamic belief system I support their right to believe it and practice it provided it does not interfere with the freedom of others.  Ellis, however, seems to believe that he has a right, nay a duty to force others to conform at the point of a sword, and that the U.S. military should be that sword.  What is really disturbing about Ellis’ views is that he thinks he is in the right, that he is better than the Muslims, and that he is a moral crusader fighting against the evils of Islam when he is, in fact, not better in the slightest.

 He is exactly the same as Muslim terrorists in all the important ways, save one.  He lacks the power and backing of the government in this country makes it happen.  I say this because we cannot be complacent; it is not enough to say these people are a minority in our country.  It is often noted that radical Muslims make up a minority in many Islamic countries, yet they wield almost absolute power over people there.  The religious and social freedoms that our country gives us could and would be taken away if people like Ellis had the chance, we have to work to make sure they never get that chance.

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